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More than your average cable network, The Reewind Channel is a brand within a brand. It is a dynamic platform that mixes old-school favorites with new school flavor! From podcasts to mini-series, this channel offers diverse and entertaining content for all generations. Tune in for news you can use, from a different angle, that will make you feel good and uplifted. Enjoy concerts, cartoons and much more! The ReeWind channel brings hope and positivity back to cable TV while producing top-notch content from the mindset of independent creators of all walks of life. It is a multi-entertainment channel that will celebrate the Golden Era of Hip Hop and R&B while introducing new and cross-generational talent breaking into the industry. This trailblazing channel combines all aspects of entertainment. Welcome To The Reewind Network Channel on 190 Comcast Cable, headquartered in Wilkes Barre Scranton PA.
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